Rica Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter Review, Swatch, How-To’s and Budget Hacks

Bikini waxing is a taboo subject in India. When I wanted to know what Indian women feel about it because I wanted to give it a try, I got no answer whatsoever. While I’ll certainly write a follow-up on that, now I’m here to check out Rica  Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter that I had got for bikini waxing after my pleasant salon experience with Rica waxing. I mean why not invest in a trusted brand like Rica for your first time just to be on the safe side.

Rica Brazilian wax

Rica Brazilian wax claims to have a unique formulation for this strip-less wax enriched with Avocado Butter Oil and milk to nourish, moisturize and tone the skin. It promises that the thin application allows for a quicker drying time in comparison to conventional ‘Hard’ waxes while allowing for a much more comfortable waxing experience ideal for sensitive areas, with little to no irritation.


MRP: Rs.950 (Available in Nykaa and Amazon)

Content: 800 ml

Rica wax


  • Rica Brazilian wax comes in a metallic container with a sealed metal lid that you can remove. A plastic air tight lid is given as an add-on. The packaging looks subtle and smooth.
  • Very detailed instructions, product information and ingredients list are given in multiple languages.
  • Furthermore, Rica is a natural wax. It uses a vegetable oil base with the sticky glyceryl roseate.
  • In addition, it is a stripless wax. It saves you from the trouble of buying wax strips.
  • This Avocado butter Rica Brazilian wax has such an amazing smell. So sweet and pleasant. It makes your whole waxing regime that much relaxing!
  • Also, it is quick drying. Takes only 3-4 seconds to dry.
  • Rica wax is 100% colophony free. Colophony is a skin sensitizer which causes allergic dermatitis.
  • This stripless wax is about ½ as thick as a typical hard wax and about twice as thick as RICA’s Liposoluble Wax. It is easy to pull off even with a bare hand.
  • The thick layer ensures good grip of the wax.
  • And it is extremely painless for waxing my hands. While bikini area is not so painless.
  • It removed even thin hair.
  • I have noticed that the hair thickness reduces significantly on the first few uses itself.


  • It is expensive. But when I do some math where I spend 675 bucks on a single salon session just for my hands, the given quantity will last for a minimum of 15 hand waxing sessions. So gain or loss depends on if you are patient enough to do it on your own.
  • You can cover only 2 inches of skin at a time as I find it a tad more difficult to remove when applied over a large area of the skin.
  • It is kind of messy and time-consuming. So, if you are a beginner (but go ahead if you are ready to learn via some trial and error) , ‘not so’ patient or just don’t have the time avoid this wax. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot more easier.

Rating : 4.7/5.

How-to Use Rica Brazilian Wax :

Suggested by Rica –

  • Take off plastic lid and remove aluminum lid underneath. Replace plastic lid.
  • Place wax can in heater and turn thermostat on maximum setting for a quick melt.
  • Occasionally stir wax until proper consistency is reached.
  • Turn heater down to normal temperature.
  • Clean the area to be waxed with Cotton Milk Pre-Wax Gel.
  • Apply wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth
  • Wait 1-2 seconds for the wax to cool and press firmly to make sure proper adhesion.
  • Hold the skin taut and remove the wax in one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth, parallel to the skin.


  • Take off plastic lid and remove aluminum lid underneath. Replace with plastic lid.
  • Place the Rica Brazilian wax tin on a hot tawa or directly heat it over the flame. Pour the melted wax into your normal heater (this extra step because I don’t have a professional heater).
Rica Brazilian wax
Heat it over flame
Rica Brazilian wax
Pour it into wax heater
  • Make sure the room is air-conditioned.
  • Clean the skin well and pat it dry.
  • Apply loose powder or compact powder over the area to be waxed.
  • Don’t apply wax for more than 2 inches of skin at a time.
  • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth by picking it up from the wax heater using a small cardboard piece and leave it with the wax.
  • Wait for 3-4 seconds and pull off the cardboard in the opposite direction of hair growth along with the wax. This method makes sure that there is no wax residue left.

Rica Brazilian wax

Rica Brazilian wax

  • Repeat until you cover the entire area that needs to be waxed.

Budget Hacks to use Rica Brazilian Wax:

1. Substitute for professional wax heater :

You can initially melt the wax by directly heating it over the gas. Though I prefer to keep it over a hot tawa or pan. Then transfer it to your normal wax heater.

2. Substitute for after-wax lotion :

Okay, its expensive enough you spend 950 bucks for the wax. Should you really spend 850 more for the after wax lotion to remove the left over wax? Use Lakme bi phased remover. It works! Unfortunately olive oil doesn’t work.

3. Substitute for spatula :

Cut cardboard sheets into little rectangular parts. I’m pretty sure you guys have tons available at home if you are a heavy shopper like me. It’s not only disposable but also practically free.


Okay, I chose to get a Brazilian wax from Rica because I was kind of embarrassed  and skeptical about getting bikini waxing done from a salon. The first time was painful for waxing the bikini area. Maybe that is because I skipped the pre-wax gel. But then I had used good substitutes for that. The same procedure gave good results on my hand. Maybe I’m too sensitive or maybe it’s a ‘first time’ thing. The second time was comparatively less painful. But I did notice that the hair thickness has reduced in the first few uses itself. And it is actually comparatively less expensive than waxing in a salon.

Will I recommend it? Yes, Rica wax is really good. If you can afford to splurge on the pre-wax and post-wax lotions and a professional heater, good for you. But the suggested hacks work really well too. So, if you have the time and don’t want to spend too much for waxing in a Salon, this is a great option.

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10 Comments on "Rica Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter Review, Swatch, How-To’s and Budget Hacks"

  1. This post is so informative. Thank you very much. I am thinking of getting Rica wax online via Amazon. However, I am confused about the wax heater. Please suggest some wax heater that is available on Amazon.

    Also, will the composition of wax get ruined if directly placed on stove?

    How much time does it take for the wax to melt to the required consistent?

    I liked the cardboard piece hack. Thank you again.


    1. Hey Mathi,
      The composition of wax does not get ruined when kept on stove. But it is quite difficult to control the temperature by this method until you finish waxing.
      I would suggest the Jeva Wax Heater from Amazon. It is a professional wax heater where you can place the wax tin directly inside it. I use it and I find it really good.
      Thank you and hope you find this info useful 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your idea.
    However i want to use Rica wax only in my upper lip area. So, will it be okay if i don’t buy a wax heater at all and go by the method that you have shared?


    1. Hey Jenny,
      The pleasure is mine 🙂 Oh yes, you can use the above method..Just make sure that the wax isn’t too hot and be sure to keep the skin tight while doing it because upper lip is a sensitive area. Waxing in an air-conditioned room will ensure you don’t sweat making the process a bit easier. Cheers!


  3. Thanks for this fruitful information .
    I did Rica waxing yesterday first time at home . Yeàh it is time consuming . But the skin gets too much soft n smooth.

    Only few issues were like : as I have no heater , i tried heating in microwave , due to which it was getting dried again n again ..

    Secondly, i used waxing strips only , and they were reàlly good to peel off applied wax .

    Last problem I faced to remove residue over skin. I washed it, it became even more dirty . Hack I tried was , I applied warm coconut oil on skin and gave it massage for about 5 mins and removed that with a cotton pad . It worked !!


      1. Hi i used rica waxing with a pre wax gel it left dark patches on my underarms and arms which really looks ugly i’m trying to remove it with tea tree and even peel off but it is bit hard to remove. I’m worried that it might not change into permanent scars. Please inform with the solution how to deal with it.


        1. Hey Khushbu,
          Usually dark patches after waxing appears because of sun exposure..since you are saying it left dark patches on underarms too, I feel it is best if you consult a dermatologist..This might sound cliche but it will be the best option since it is important to Not Make The Problem Worse. DIY solutions at home can only do so much..But if you don’t want to consult a Dermatologist, you can try the ointment Mederma. It usually lightens any scars. Thanks for dropping by Khusbhu.


          1. Thnkew for ur kind suggestion but dark patch is like on left arm that too like distorted shape on 2 3 sides it was red earlier now it is like wax is fixed on it but actually not as if something is sticky on it but in actual it is a mark..

          2. Hey Khushbu,
            I’m sorry 😔. I have not come across this kind of skin problem. I honestly wish I could be of help but I don’t want to blabber something without proper knowledge. Please consult a doctor. And I would really appreciate it if you would let me know when it gets better. Thanks Khushbu 😘

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